Vacuum Brazing & Heat Treatment

Vacuum brazing and heat treatment cycles can be run automatically up to a maximum temperature of 1350°C without oxidation or discoloration. We operate 6 vacuum furnaces located within a process cell within our Falcon Street Facility. Our furnaces are in the ‘clam shell’ configuration and have a capacity for components 1000mm in diameter and 1000mm high for heat-treatment or brazing in either high vacuum or partial pressure.

This process is key to the fabrication of many of our assemblies. A wide range of alloys can be brazed using a variety of filler metals such as gold, silver or nickel. It is an essential alternative to welding where thin sections, cracking or distortion can be problematic.

Preci-Spark's overall machining and brazing facility allows the removal and replacement of damaged or worn honeycombs. Brazing of honeycomb segments onto rings, heat shields or vanes is routinely carried out on new and repaired components. Sophisticated machining capabilities enable the braze gap to be carefully controlled.



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