Section 172 Statement

Section 172 Statement

The Company is committed to a continuous dialogue with stakeholders as it believes that this is essential to ensure a greater understanding of and confidence amongst it stakeholderes in the medium and longer term strategy of the company and in the Board's ability to oversee its implementation. It is the responsibility of the Board as a whole to ensure that a satisfactory dialogue takes place.

Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 requires Directors to take into consideration the interests of stakeholders in their decision making. The Board is committed to understanding and engaging with all key stakeholder groups of the Company in order to maximise value and promote long-term Company success in line with our strategic objectives. The Board recognises its duties under Section 172 and continuously has regard to how the Company's activities and decisions will impact employees, those with which it has a business relationship, the community and environment and its reputation for high standards of business conduct. In weighing all of the relevant factors, the Board, acting in good faith and fairly between members, makes decisions and takes actions that it considers will best lead to the long-term success of the Company.

During the year, the Board assessed its current activities between the Board and its stakeholders, which demonstrated that the Board actively engages with its stakeholders and takes their various objectives into consideration when making decisions. Specifically, actions the Board has taken to engage with its stakeholders in 2019 include:

" Arranged meetings with certain stakeholders to provide them with updates on the Company's activities and other general corporate updates;
" Evaluated the relationships with the Company's various collaborators through management and identified ways to strengthen relationships and arrangements with key collaborations; and
" Monitored company culture and engaged with employees on efforts to continuously improve company culture and morale.

The Board believes that appropriate steps and considerations have been taken during the year so that each Director has an understanding of the various key stakeholders of the Company. The Board recognises its responsibility to contemplate all such stakeholder needs and concerns as part of its discussions, decision-making and in the course of taking actions, and will continue to make stakeholder engagement a top priority in the coming years.

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