Production Control

The Preci-Spark Production Control process is all about ‘Risk assessment and mitigation’ in our manufacturing environment utilising our industry experience and tools at our disposal;

Quality tools
• Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis for our tooling and gauging items
• Process Failure Modes and Effect Analysis
• Control Plans detailing critical and significant characteristics
• Statistical Process Controls (SPC) for on-going monitoring for compliance to specifications and standards

Our operators and inspectors are highly trained fully skilled professionals to the highest industry standards for their areas of expertise, from using basic measurement devices, multi axis CMM, Metrology and Non-Destructive testing (NDT) to a fully operational Fluorescent Penetration Inspection (FPI) facility within our premises

Continuous improvement
We are constantly looking for ways to improve and optimise our operations to maximise value add benefits to our customers. We consistently introduce Lean principles to every aspect of our operations without exception. By applying Lean principles in bespoke ways, we exceed customer expectations and business transformation with superior performance year on year.



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