New Product Introduction

New product introduction is a process for ensuring ‘Waste reduction and Right First Time’ product realisation to agreed cost and timing, using available Engineering and Quality tools.
Preci-Spark’s NPI process defines proven steps for product design and delivery. Key milestone reviews are implemented to monitor progress. Our experience in utilising the process assures quality through the early application of APQP, budgetary control with an FMEA interface for risks mitigation and on time delivery to customer expectation.

Product introduction is concluded with final sign-off to agreed specification thus ensuring that all necessary documentation and manufacturing aids are available to begin production.

Allied to the NPI process, Preci-Spark operates a production validation process that can utilise either First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) or Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) based on our customer requirements. Through these processes we ensure that all of customers' engineering design and specification requirements are correctly understood and that the manufacturing processes have the capability and capacity to meet these requirements in production at a specific rate.



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