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Preci-Spark Limited has multiple opportunities for young people looking to develop into skilled engineering craftsmen. This is achieved through structured development based training and work experience.

Who we are
Preci-Spark is a leading European contract manufacturer for the high technology industries delivering manufacturing solutions to the global market place. Established in 1960 the company employs 450 people across 6 manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom. As a process based manufacturing specialist, Preci-Spark delivers an array of components, complex fabrications and assemblies to the Aerospace and Industrial markets. Our extensive portfolio of in-house processing capabilities allows greater production control, accelerated lead times and reduced costs. Being customer focussed in all our activities, Preci-Spark embraces the requirements defined in AS9100 Revision C. We are committed to maintaining a Quality Management System of the highest possible standard. Our core processing capabilities include: vacuum brazing, heat treatment, electro-discharge machining, laser machining, welding, cnc machining, tool making, inspection and non-destructive testing.

We offer a Craft Apprenticeship programme to level 2 or 3 in engineering and vocational training to gain NVQ qualifications. This is delivered through block or day release studies, while still in full time employment. We will get you involved with hands on practical applications from the moment you finish your basic studies with our training partners.

Training Providers and Locations
Practical on the job training will take place at Preci-Spark manufacturing facilities in Loughborough, Coalville and Syston. Academic and Vocational training will be at one or a combination of the following colleges; Loughborough College, Loughborough / Stephenson College, Coalville / Leicester College, Leicester and Saint Austell College, Cornwall.

You can expect to earn a salary of between £9100 and £11500 to start depending on your age. Yearly increases based on performance could see your income rise to between £22000 and £26000 (including productivity bonus) within 5 years. This is in addition to the skills and academic qualifications you will have achieved that are yours for life. After the qualifying period, you will be eligible for the workplace pension provision which the company also makes contribution.

Who we are looking for
Of course the benefits we offer mean we want the best candidates that can support the current and future needs of the company. We are looking for people who want to shape the future, not just be a part of it. That is why we reward those who are already demonstrating their talents and interests in areas of engineering. Do you already understand what engineering is all about? Have you been involved in projects that required manual dexterity, reasoning ability to resolve problems, a curious nature to understand why and how things go together or you generally just like to tinker with things to see how they work or can make them better?

Then you are the sort of fertile mind we are prepared to invest in. You will be expected to have numeracy and literacy skills that will enable you to undergo the training you will receive successfully. Good passes in your GCSE for numeracy and literacy are expected. A good academic foundation is important but your ability to receive instruction and directions is far more important to us. We believe that if you come to us with a willing mind and positive attitude, we can help you become a high skilled engineer and ensure a truly successful career in manufacturing.

Please send us your CV with a cover letter telling us relevant interesting things about you, or go to the online application link to detail why one of our positions should be reserved for you.

Candidates who succeed past the initial screening will be invited for a face to face interview and assessment sessions.



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